Growing up in rural Lincolnshire, a county of flatlands, big skies and far-reaching horizons, I developed a love of the countryside and nature, whatever the season, whatever the weather. As my own horizons spread, I became fascinated with the landscape, vast or small, thunderous or quiet: from soaring mountains to reed lined creaks, contorted trees thick with lichen or windswept beaches adorned with tide-washed pebbles. The form, colour and textures of these wild places provide constant inspiration: from the dark, brooding gritstone of Derbyshire to the sea-fret, with all its soft hues, shrouding the North Norfolk coast.

I make sketches and notes, take photographs... but mainly, when out in the landscape, I just walk or sit, watching, seeing, listening, absorbing the essence of the place. Returning to the studio, I explore all my notes, drawings and experiences, working with charcoal, inks and watercolours: mediums that are fluid and spontaneous, unpredictable even. Allowing the watercolour or ink to run and pool, to build up soft layers; the work evolves almost organically, intuitively, until it becomes a distillation of my emotional response to the landscape rather than a specific representation of the location. I also work in acrylics, building up layers, using knives, sticks and suchlike, scraping and scratching into the surface to convey my response.

Although I always enjoyed art it wasn't until 2009 that I developed this into something more serious by attending a life-drawing course and subsequent Foundation course at Grantham College Lincolnshire. This led to three years of study at Loughborough University graduating in 2013 with a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art. I have since exhibited throughout the East Midlands.